May break, Finals, and Internship

Hi everybody,

Since my last update a lot of things has happened. Firstly, we had the May break which means one week off from school. The break felt shorter than hoped for, but it was nice to get some time off and just relax. Me and five other girls went to the famous tulip garden Keukenhof and enjoyed the amazing weather. Other than that, we partied once and I took a short trip to Sweden. Overall the break was really good and well needed.

Also, my family came to visit me! They arrived in Venlo last Thursday, and then we went to Amsterdam Friday-Sunday. We stayed at a really nice hotel, ate amazing food, and I am really glad that I got to spend some time with them after 3 months apart.

Right now we are preparing for our finals that are approaching us very quickly. The system here is completely different to what we are used to in Sweden, and we have all examinations during the same time period. Whereas we study in modules at CIL, where we focus on one course, do the examination and then we’re finished. Here we study 9 courses in parallel, and all finals will be during two weeks in the beginning of June. So, as you might understand we are getting more and more stressed out and anxious about it. But somehow we will make it work. Yesterday we had the final presentation of our Fontys Project course, which is basically where we come up with a product and make a business plan for it. Ours ended up at 60 pages, and the presentation was for 30 minutes. On Tuesday we will be getting the feedback for it, so cross your fingers!

Now we have been living in the Netherlands for 3,5 months, and soon we will be heading back to Sweden for the summer. But, as I have mentioned previously, I am going to have my internship in Amsterdam so I will be moving back here in August. The internship is at the digital agency, and I am going to work with social media, internal communication, as well as doing marketing for an event they are hosting in November. I am really excited and I am so glad that I get to stay in the Netherlands. When it comes to the internship, it has been a very long process and it took forever before I was satisfied with my CV and application letter. Out of more than 100 email, I got approximately 15 replies and only one of them was positive. So, a tips to my fellow ISM students that are going to do their internship – start early and send out as many applications as possible. To be honest I was quite worried that I wouldn’t get an internship, but we have had support from our counselor Ulrika since day 1 and I am really grateful for that.

This weekend me and Pauline are going to Den Haag, which is the third largest city in the Netherlands. These past few weeks have been really stressful, and the upcoming ones will be even worse, so we decided that we are going to treat ourselves and booked a 5 star hotel. So finally we can sleep well and shower without flip-flops! We’re gonna stay there one night and then head back to Venlo (with hopefully recharged batteries).



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