”I believe it is safe to say that the ISM program gave me what I wanted”

“People should pursue what they’re passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.” – Elon Musk.

Five years ago, my 20 year old self moved south to Lund and started my uni-studies. A year later I moved to Italy. 6 months after I decided to apply for a bachelor program and be done with my studies before 25. I also said to my mother that I would have a job before that as well.

Said and done – I applied and got enrolled in the International Sales and Marketing program in 2014. I applied to it after seeing the first word; international. I was even more excited after reading semester abroad. I just did not get why anyone wanted to be in the same place all the time (I still don’t). On top of that I was already interested in marketing after studying media and communication in Lund.

So, the last three years I have been studying everything from sales and marketing (as the name indicated) to production system, ERP system, logistic, advertising, finance and accounting. Since I’m a bit of a nerd I found most of the courses interesting (maybe not the finance part but it’s due to my very limited interest and skills in numbers). Further, all the courses was integrated into the actual business life which made the theoretical part more logical. I had the privilege to work both with Logent AB (logistic) and Kalmar (material handling), part of the Cargotec concern. Leading to that I gained both theoretical knowledge and actual practical business skills. After three years this concept paid off for me – a few days before graduation I signed my papers and work today as a Marketing Officer at Micropower E.D. Marketing in Växjö.

The greatest asset for me is that the program involved courses connected to the entire business. Even though I mainly work with marketing I have sales related issues to deal with, logistical aspects to consider and a need to know how our production and products works. Basically all the courses I have taken under my three years (maybe not the methodology course (sorry Tomas and Firouze)) have been valuable for my actual work as a marketer.

So, in three weeks I turn 25. I got the education and the job as I said to my mum I would. I also got the world as my workplace and a job that challenges my creative thinking as well as develops my technical competence. I believe it is safe to say that the ISM program gave me what I wanted.


Rebecca Andersson Student of ISM14


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