The new intern

Hi everybody!

As I promised, it is time for an update. It has now been almost two weeks since I left Sweden and moved to Amsterdam, and I am currently on my second week of my internship. As I have mentioned previously, I am doing an internship in marketing at a digital agency named The first week was very intense. The office is 4 floors and there is approximately 70 employees. The first couple of days was mostly greeting people and getting familiar with the environment and all the different systems they use. I went to several meetings, and I must say that it is very fun! The first day I was introduced to LinkedIn, which hopefully all of you know what it is. I did some research on the employees and we are currently trying to make everybody’s profiles look similar – at least with the same information. I have also been introduced to the conference that my company is participating/hosting in end of November. I am going to do their social media, so I have been looking through what we currently have and also started updating them a little bit. Of course I have been doing even more things, but writing about all of them is probably not that interesting.

So far so good to say at least! I am really enjoying my time here, and everybody is super nice. But I have to admit that I was a bit unsocial the first week, but that was mostly because of everything being new and all the new impressions. I am improving everyday haha. One thing I noticed is that I am CONSTANTLY tired. My body and mind havn’t been this activated for a while, but hopefully I will get used to it.


Right now Amsterdam is filled with tourists, but the weather has been treating me good. Except for today. It is pouring down and I biked to the office this morning. I am trying to adapt to the Dutch culture where you bike everywhere, but today it was definitely instant regrets.


I did some planning of the social media for the conference ThingsCon Amsterdam


And I had an amazing dinner with my family before I left.

Hope all of you are having a great time, and those who have started studying at CIL – have an amazing kick-off!

//Johanna ISM15

Sommaren är kort…

Ja som rubriken säger och som Thomas Ledin sjunger så är sommaren kort, eller den har känts som det i alla fall. Kan bero på att min sommar har gått i 110 och det hänt en himla massa saker både jobbmässigt och på de lediga helgerna. Jobbmässigt har jag som tidigare nämnt i mitt förra inlägg fått chansen att jobba på Electrolux Laundry System under sommaren. Där har jag avverkat 12 veckor som leveransbevakare samt hoppat in som innesäljare för att backa upp vid behov. Det har varit mycket lärorikt och givande för mig både som arbetslivserfarenheten och som jag kommer att kunna ta med mig in i det nya läsåret. Jag tar även tillfället i akt och passar på att tacka mina kollegor som jag har haft under sommaren. De har tagit väl hand om mig och som inte tröttnat på mig efter alla dessa frågor som har ställts.

Innan jobbet skulle börja hann jag med en weekend i Torrevieja med mina vänner och flickvän. Därefter har helgerna förvaltats väl med midsommarfirande på Öland, bröllop i Ryssby, Håkan Hellström på Ullevi, härliga dagar i Halmstad och även någon ”slappedag” med x antal serieavsnitt i soffan.

Kort o gott så har sommaren varit kanon och igår drog 2a läsåret igång. Så med en hel del läropengar i bakfickan och ny energi går jag in med huvud högt in i det 2a läsåret tillsammans med min klass som jag hoppas haft en lika bra sommar jag.

Jag är tyvärr rätt dålig på att ta bilder på semestern men lyckades ta en bild från balkongen i Torrevieja så jag bjuder på den!


Vi hörs!

// Olof



5 days

Hello again! I hope that all of you have had an amazing summer so far.

Today I only have 5 days (!!!) left in Sweden, and I must say that the summer has gone by super quickly. I have mostly relaxed this summer, although I have been to my grandmother twice, Gothenburg twice and then Sundsvall once. Overall the break has been really good, even if the weather has been quite bad. I have tried to keep myself busy, since I get restless really easily – however, I survived!!

As I said, I only have 5 days left in Sweden. Both my friends and family are constantly asking how I am feeling about moving abroad again, and if I am nervous or anxious. Honestly, I am not very nervous about the move – but more about starting my internship. I believe that most of my class mates feel the same, mostly because this is our time to shine and put our theoretical knowledge into practice with that being said, I am both excited and nervous. Moving abroad is a rather big thing, but this will be my third time moving away from Sweden so I think I will do just fine. The upcoming days I will start packing and buying smaller items that I need to have before the move. I am also finishing an online course I am taking in digital marketing which is actually really interesting. It is called The Complete Digital Marketing Course and you can find it on if you’re interested in studying it.

I am going to update you in a couple of weeks, and tell you about how I am doing in Amsterdam and with my internship! And for all of you that are starting your studies at CIL this fall, good luck and enjoy your time there cause it goes by way too fast!

// Johanna ISM15