The new intern

Hi everybody!

As I promised, it is time for an update. It has now been almost two weeks since I left Sweden and moved to Amsterdam, and I am currently on my second week of my internship. As I have mentioned previously, I am doing an internship in marketing at a digital agency named The first week was very intense. The office is 4 floors and there is approximately 70 employees. The first couple of days was mostly greeting people and getting familiar with the environment and all the different systems they use. I went to several meetings, and I must say that it is very fun! The first day I was introduced to LinkedIn, which hopefully all of you know what it is. I did some research on the employees and we are currently trying to make everybody’s profiles look similar – at least with the same information. I have also been introduced to the conference that my company is participating/hosting in end of November. I am going to do their social media, so I have been looking through what we currently have and also started updating them a little bit. Of course I have been doing even more things, but writing about all of them is probably not that interesting.

So far so good to say at least! I am really enjoying my time here, and everybody is super nice. But I have to admit that I was a bit unsocial the first week, but that was mostly because of everything being new and all the new impressions. I am improving everyday haha. One thing I noticed is that I am CONSTANTLY tired. My body and mind havn’t been this activated for a while, but hopefully I will get used to it.


Right now Amsterdam is filled with tourists, but the weather has been treating me good. Except for today. It is pouring down and I biked to the office this morning. I am trying to adapt to the Dutch culture where you bike everywhere, but today it was definitely instant regrets.


I did some planning of the social media for the conference ThingsCon Amsterdam


And I had an amazing dinner with my family before I left.

Hope all of you are having a great time, and those who have started studying at CIL – have an amazing kick-off!

//Johanna ISM15


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