Being an intern

Once again, hello everybody!

Another month, another update. I have finally settled down at my internship and have also started to get used to Amsterdam – meaning that I don’t need Google Maps to find the office anymore.

The intern-life is quite intense, and I am most often busy. What I really enjoy with my internship is that I work a lot by myself, so I usually get a couple of projects to do and I work with them until I am finished. So far I have been doing a lot of market research, gathering information in Excel sheets, and writing a couple of blog posts that are going to be used at our website. I have also attended a few Connected Lunches here at, where we have external speakers talking about whatever subject they are working with. The last one was a preparation for the Hackathon in October, about the future of food and it was really interesting. Next week I am also attending an event called Behaviour Design Amsterdam, which we are hosting in our basement. All of these events, and internal happenings are super fun and I am really glad that I am part of

I am definitely enjoying my time here, and every day becomes even more fun. The first couple of weeks were super intense, and I must admit that I am still tired most of the time. This week is already my sixth (!!!) week, and the time has gone by super quick. It is really interesting to see how everything works in practice.

As you know, I decided to do my internship full-time. This means that I am very busy, and studying in parallel is easier said than done. Our exam in Finance is in one month, so I really have to start studying asap.

During the weekends I am most often going out with friends, and just relaxing. We have been exploring a couple of clubs here and I must say that I am happily surprised. Amsterdam truly is one of the best cities in the world, and it feels as I have finally found my home. I have been living abroad before, but living here is definitely the best decision I have ever made. We’ll see what happens after my internship, but I would love to stay in Amsterdam.IMG_5104From one of the Connected LunchesIMG_5047I tried writing ThingsCon in Legos, which was definitely easier said than done.IMG_5027This is the canal outside of my apartment.

Now I have to get back to work! Right now I am re-doing our employee manual so it suits our corporate image. Wish me luck!

//Johanna, ISM15


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