Good busy

Hello again,

It is Sunday, and I am currently at a cafe to study a little bit. As I have mentioned previously, we have an exam in Finance that is coming up. I have started to plan how I am going to study for the exam, and hopefully I’ll pass! My sister is coming here this Thursday and staying until Sunday, which is of course super exciting! This also mean that I will not have time to study next weekend, so I have to distribute my time properly in order to pass. Yesterday I studied at another cafe called ‘Juice Brothers’. It is located 200 meters from my apartment, and it was a great place to study. I ordered an Acai bowl and a cappuccino and studied, whilst also looking at the people walking in the rain. It might seem weird, but these kinds of moments make me realise how much I love this city and how much I appreciate my time here. I have noticed that it is the small things that does it, and I cannot say it enough – I am in love with this city! I have now decided (I think) that I am not leaving Amsterdam in January. My contract for the apartment expires January 21st, so before that I’ll have to find somewhere else to live. But there are quite some months left until that.

The last week was intense at the office. As I mentioned in my previous post, we had an event in-house called Behaviour Design Amsterdam. There were approximately 50 people there, listening to talks about Artificial Intelligence. It was interesting, but I was also super tired after working for 12 hours. The day after there was another event, but this time in Enschede! I left the office at 12, went to the train station and travelled almost three hours to the DesingLab at a university called UTwente. The conference that I am working with had a meetup there, and I was there to make some photos and videos for our social media channels. This was of course another long day, and I was home at midnight after working 14 hours. But it was definitely worth it and it was a lot of fun! Thursday was a regular day at work, and Friday too. Thursday evening my colleague texted me and asked if I wanted to come with her to Adnight. This is ”the ultimate kitchen review” where agencies open their doors for marketers and advertisers. We visited 5 agencies I believe, and it was so much fun! One of them had a trampoline inside, another had Segway races, haunted house, silent disco – you name it! It was a great evening, but the afterparty was actually horrible. I don’t like techno music, and this was only techno. Other than that, I had a great time!

This upcoming week I am only working three days, since my sister is coming. We haven’t planned to do anything specific, we will probably just explore Amsterdam and eat food.

It is time for me to wrap this post up, cause I have some studying to do!IMG_5275IMG_5216

//Johanna, ISM15