An update


I am back with an update.
It has now been almost 5 months since I moved to Amsterdam, and it’s almost time for me to leave. My last day of my internship is January 19th, and the 21st I am packing all of my belongings and will move back to Sweden for a couple of months.

I was offered an employment at my internship company, but still decided to move back home with the hopes of moving back after the graduation in June. I have had an amazing time here, and I am so glad that I moved here and worked full-time whilst also being able to get good grades in the courses we have studied. I have learned more than I thought I would, and my time here is definitely the best decision I have made since I started my studies.

I will leave Amsterdam and with a lot of experience and a different perception on marketing. Instead of getting all emotional, I’ll upload some pictures!


I prepared the gifts we sent out to some of our clients.

Join us for an unforgettable conference November 30th and December 1st-3

I did most of the marketing for the ThingsCon Amsterdam 2017 conference on IoT.



I was a volunteer at the TEDxRotterdam event in November.


I had some time to enjoy the sun and snow in Amsterdam.



I had some beers with a couple of colleagues. I’m definitely gonna miss this place!

That was it for this time, hope all of you had a great time during the holidays!


Good busy

Hello again,

It is Sunday, and I am currently at a cafe to study a little bit. As I have mentioned previously, we have an exam in Finance that is coming up. I have started to plan how I am going to study for the exam, and hopefully I’ll pass! My sister is coming here this Thursday and staying until Sunday, which is of course super exciting! This also mean that I will not have time to study next weekend, so I have to distribute my time properly in order to pass. Yesterday I studied at another cafe called ‘Juice Brothers’. It is located 200 meters from my apartment, and it was a great place to study. I ordered an Acai bowl and a cappuccino and studied, whilst also looking at the people walking in the rain. It might seem weird, but these kinds of moments make me realise how much I love this city and how much I appreciate my time here. I have noticed that it is the small things that does it, and I cannot say it enough – I am in love with this city! I have now decided (I think) that I am not leaving Amsterdam in January. My contract for the apartment expires January 21st, so before that I’ll have to find somewhere else to live. But there are quite some months left until that.

The last week was intense at the office. As I mentioned in my previous post, we had an event in-house called Behaviour Design Amsterdam. There were approximately 50 people there, listening to talks about Artificial Intelligence. It was interesting, but I was also super tired after working for 12 hours. The day after there was another event, but this time in Enschede! I left the office at 12, went to the train station and travelled almost three hours to the DesingLab at a university called UTwente. The conference that I am working with had a meetup there, and I was there to make some photos and videos for our social media channels. This was of course another long day, and I was home at midnight after working 14 hours. But it was definitely worth it and it was a lot of fun! Thursday was a regular day at work, and Friday too. Thursday evening my colleague texted me and asked if I wanted to come with her to Adnight. This is ”the ultimate kitchen review” where agencies open their doors for marketers and advertisers. We visited 5 agencies I believe, and it was so much fun! One of them had a trampoline inside, another had Segway races, haunted house, silent disco – you name it! It was a great evening, but the afterparty was actually horrible. I don’t like techno music, and this was only techno. Other than that, I had a great time!

This upcoming week I am only working three days, since my sister is coming. We haven’t planned to do anything specific, we will probably just explore Amsterdam and eat food.

It is time for me to wrap this post up, cause I have some studying to do!IMG_5275IMG_5216

//Johanna, ISM15

Being an intern

Once again, hello everybody!

Another month, another update. I have finally settled down at my internship and have also started to get used to Amsterdam – meaning that I don’t need Google Maps to find the office anymore.

The intern-life is quite intense, and I am most often busy. What I really enjoy with my internship is that I work a lot by myself, so I usually get a couple of projects to do and I work with them until I am finished. So far I have been doing a lot of market research, gathering information in Excel sheets, and writing a couple of blog posts that are going to be used at our website. I have also attended a few Connected Lunches here at, where we have external speakers talking about whatever subject they are working with. The last one was a preparation for the Hackathon in October, about the future of food and it was really interesting. Next week I am also attending an event called Behaviour Design Amsterdam, which we are hosting in our basement. All of these events, and internal happenings are super fun and I am really glad that I am part of

I am definitely enjoying my time here, and every day becomes even more fun. The first couple of weeks were super intense, and I must admit that I am still tired most of the time. This week is already my sixth (!!!) week, and the time has gone by super quick. It is really interesting to see how everything works in practice.

As you know, I decided to do my internship full-time. This means that I am very busy, and studying in parallel is easier said than done. Our exam in Finance is in one month, so I really have to start studying asap.

During the weekends I am most often going out with friends, and just relaxing. We have been exploring a couple of clubs here and I must say that I am happily surprised. Amsterdam truly is one of the best cities in the world, and it feels as I have finally found my home. I have been living abroad before, but living here is definitely the best decision I have ever made. We’ll see what happens after my internship, but I would love to stay in Amsterdam.IMG_5104From one of the Connected LunchesIMG_5047I tried writing ThingsCon in Legos, which was definitely easier said than done.IMG_5027This is the canal outside of my apartment.

Now I have to get back to work! Right now I am re-doing our employee manual so it suits our corporate image. Wish me luck!

//Johanna, ISM15

The new intern

Hi everybody!

As I promised, it is time for an update. It has now been almost two weeks since I left Sweden and moved to Amsterdam, and I am currently on my second week of my internship. As I have mentioned previously, I am doing an internship in marketing at a digital agency named The first week was very intense. The office is 4 floors and there is approximately 70 employees. The first couple of days was mostly greeting people and getting familiar with the environment and all the different systems they use. I went to several meetings, and I must say that it is very fun! The first day I was introduced to LinkedIn, which hopefully all of you know what it is. I did some research on the employees and we are currently trying to make everybody’s profiles look similar – at least with the same information. I have also been introduced to the conference that my company is participating/hosting in end of November. I am going to do their social media, so I have been looking through what we currently have and also started updating them a little bit. Of course I have been doing even more things, but writing about all of them is probably not that interesting.

So far so good to say at least! I am really enjoying my time here, and everybody is super nice. But I have to admit that I was a bit unsocial the first week, but that was mostly because of everything being new and all the new impressions. I am improving everyday haha. One thing I noticed is that I am CONSTANTLY tired. My body and mind havn’t been this activated for a while, but hopefully I will get used to it.


Right now Amsterdam is filled with tourists, but the weather has been treating me good. Except for today. It is pouring down and I biked to the office this morning. I am trying to adapt to the Dutch culture where you bike everywhere, but today it was definitely instant regrets.


I did some planning of the social media for the conference ThingsCon Amsterdam


And I had an amazing dinner with my family before I left.

Hope all of you are having a great time, and those who have started studying at CIL – have an amazing kick-off!

//Johanna ISM15

5 days

Hello again! I hope that all of you have had an amazing summer so far.

Today I only have 5 days (!!!) left in Sweden, and I must say that the summer has gone by super quickly. I have mostly relaxed this summer, although I have been to my grandmother twice, Gothenburg twice and then Sundsvall once. Overall the break has been really good, even if the weather has been quite bad. I have tried to keep myself busy, since I get restless really easily – however, I survived!!

As I said, I only have 5 days left in Sweden. Both my friends and family are constantly asking how I am feeling about moving abroad again, and if I am nervous or anxious. Honestly, I am not very nervous about the move – but more about starting my internship. I believe that most of my class mates feel the same, mostly because this is our time to shine and put our theoretical knowledge into practice with that being said, I am both excited and nervous. Moving abroad is a rather big thing, but this will be my third time moving away from Sweden so I think I will do just fine. The upcoming days I will start packing and buying smaller items that I need to have before the move. I am also finishing an online course I am taking in digital marketing which is actually really interesting. It is called The Complete Digital Marketing Course and you can find it on if you’re interested in studying it.

I am going to update you in a couple of weeks, and tell you about how I am doing in Amsterdam and with my internship! And for all of you that are starting your studies at CIL this fall, good luck and enjoy your time there cause it goes by way too fast!

// Johanna ISM15

Back in Sweden

Hi guys,

It is finally time for me to write that caption. I AM BACK IN SWEDEN. Everything happened very quickly, and I am extremely surprised that I am already back in Stockholm. The finals were tough. And by tough I really mean that they were horrible. Me and Pauline studied for weeks straight, trying to combine group projects and exams. These weeks meant early mornings and late nights, a lot of Redbull and coffee. But in the end, it was definitely worth it. We wrote our last exams on the 13th of June, and have been waiting for the results anxiously since then. And then it happened. I passed all my exams and got the last grade on the morning of the 22nd. I quickly rebooked my flight, ordered a taxi and left early morning the 23rd. Now I have been home for a couple of days, just relaxing and trying to cope with the fact that we survived the finals period.

The months in the Netherlands went by quickly. When you’re living abroad there are different cultures and people, and the time just flies by. I am really glad that I decided to go to the Netherlands, mostly because of the people there. The Dutch are so easy-going and nice, and the fact that basically everyone speaks English is amazing. My semester abroad has been really good, and I appreciate that we have the opportunity to go abroad on the ISM program.

The upcoming months will be really relaxing, and I will mostly be reading some books and just preparing for the third and last year. As I have mentioned previously, I am going to do my internship at a digital agency in Amsterdam. Right now I am trying to find somewhere to live during that time period, which is definitely easier said than done. I am constantly searching, but it is really difficult. Cross your fingers!

This is probably the last post from me for a while, so I would like to wish all of you a pleasant summer and we’ll see each other in a couple of weeks!


Last Wednesday me and Pauline went to Amsterdam to relax a little bit and drop off one of my suitcases at my internship.

//Johanna, ISM15

May break, Finals, and Internship

Hi everybody,

Since my last update a lot of things has happened. Firstly, we had the May break which means one week off from school. The break felt shorter than hoped for, but it was nice to get some time off and just relax. Me and five other girls went to the famous tulip garden Keukenhof and enjoyed the amazing weather. Other than that, we partied once and I took a short trip to Sweden. Overall the break was really good and well needed.

Also, my family came to visit me! They arrived in Venlo last Thursday, and then we went to Amsterdam Friday-Sunday. We stayed at a really nice hotel, ate amazing food, and I am really glad that I got to spend some time with them after 3 months apart.

Right now we are preparing for our finals that are approaching us very quickly. The system here is completely different to what we are used to in Sweden, and we have all examinations during the same time period. Whereas we study in modules at CIL, where we focus on one course, do the examination and then we’re finished. Here we study 9 courses in parallel, and all finals will be during two weeks in the beginning of June. So, as you might understand we are getting more and more stressed out and anxious about it. But somehow we will make it work. Yesterday we had the final presentation of our Fontys Project course, which is basically where we come up with a product and make a business plan for it. Ours ended up at 60 pages, and the presentation was for 30 minutes. On Tuesday we will be getting the feedback for it, so cross your fingers!

Now we have been living in the Netherlands for 3,5 months, and soon we will be heading back to Sweden for the summer. But, as I have mentioned previously, I am going to have my internship in Amsterdam so I will be moving back here in August. The internship is at the digital agency, and I am going to work with social media, internal communication, as well as doing marketing for an event they are hosting in November. I am really excited and I am so glad that I get to stay in the Netherlands. When it comes to the internship, it has been a very long process and it took forever before I was satisfied with my CV and application letter. Out of more than 100 email, I got approximately 15 replies and only one of them was positive. So, a tips to my fellow ISM students that are going to do their internship – start early and send out as many applications as possible. To be honest I was quite worried that I wouldn’t get an internship, but we have had support from our counselor Ulrika since day 1 and I am really grateful for that.

This weekend me and Pauline are going to Den Haag, which is the third largest city in the Netherlands. These past few weeks have been really stressful, and the upcoming ones will be even worse, so we decided that we are going to treat ourselves and booked a 5 star hotel. So finally we can sleep well and shower without flip-flops! We’re gonna stay there one night and then head back to Venlo (with hopefully recharged batteries).